Digital Identity:
the new contract of trust

Digital identity: a heritage to be preserved

Today, almost everyone knows someone who had their personal e-mail account hacked, an iPad blocked or their identity stolen… This illustrates both the impact of the risks raised by digital uses, and the major strategic role played by digital identities in protecting access and data.

Utilisez des mots de passe différents et robustes pour chacun de vos comptes
Quickly, quickly…

We all have a kind of frenzy (not to say bulimia) when it comes to consuming digital services. The common denominator of all these services is identity, and with it the issue of personal data, which enables us to obtain the door openen to validate our order, access information or watch the latest TV show!

This step of sharing information with the service provider is often perceived as restrictive (“Another site asking me for information…”), but it is above all a necessary evil. The consequence is simple: by going too fast, we forget to be vigilant (a bit like the quick click to make the pop-up about cookies or personal data disappear)! It has to be said that the main challenge for service providers is to make the customer experience as fluid as possible, to reduce drop-out rates before purchase, and to provide access to information as quickly as possible…

… but not too much either!

Ever faster, that’s okay! But what about security? Did you know that there are several ways of logging on? Wouldn’t it be a good time to change your old favorite password “pizza1234” (and throw away the post-it note stuck to your computer screen)? And, while you’re at it, unsubscribe from all those newsletters that go straight into your inbox?

Establish your contract of digital trust

Just like in a serious relationship, where getting to know each other helps to establish a relationship based on trust, creating a digital identity is the moment when you establish a contract of digital trust: who am I, what do I need, how can I personalize my password to remember it while making it unique… these are all questions that deserve our attention for just a few minutes (promise, just a few minutes, we haven’t forgotten the famous requirement for speed!).

Our advice? Take the time to (re)establish serious, secure relationships with your service providers. There’s many benefits: for the security of your data, your time, your money and also to better control your digital impact (if you take the time, you’ll notice that the box you thought you were checking to not receive the newsletter, was in fact the option allowing you to receive it! 🧐).

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