Provide frictionless access to your information system based on risk management

Memority MY-Access enables you to authenticate all your users (employees, partners, customers and connected objects) through frictionless and secure authentication and navigation. For each access, My-Access evaluates the user context and provides a 360° view of access to your information system.



Memority MY-Access: features

Memority My-Access can either be driven by data from your authoritative sources (HRIS, partner repository, CRM…) or act as an authoritative repository (for your service providers, for example). In this way, Memority My-Access can be fed in a multiple (and not exclusive) ways:

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• Flat file
• Direct reading of authoritative sources via Memority connectors
• Authoritative sources driving Memority directly via its APIs
• By using Memority portal, configured to your needs


SSO  / Identity federation

Memority My-Access enables users to navigate leveraging single authentication between all authorized applications. Your applications are integrated using standard SAML2, WS-Federation, OAuth and OpenID Connect protocols, enabling both on-premise and cloud applications to be embedded.

Frictionless authentication

Memority My-Access eliminates the need for passwords and enables frictionless authentication to access your applications. Memority My-Access supports Windows Hello, FIDO2, WebAuthN, OTP (by e-mail and SMS), etc.

Adaptive risk-based authentication

Memority My-Access assesses the user’s level of contextual access risk and suggests the appropriate level of authentication for the access requested, depending on the authentication methods available.

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Memority takes into account the user, the sensitivity of the access requested, the device and browser used, the user’s geolocation, information about the IP address (reputation, botnet, etc.), the device’s footprint, browsing history, and so on. Based on this risk value, Memority My-Access performs an authentication step-up if necessary.


Authentication hub

Memority My-Access lets you delegate authentication to third parties according to authorized populations. Your customers can authenticate via social networks (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), your partners via their own identity provider with the required level of authentication, and your employees directly on Memority My-Access.

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This delegation of authentication provides an optimal user experience for all populations accessing your information system.


Access control

In addition to authentication, Memority My-Access verifies that the user is authorized to access the requested resource, providing an additional level of security. Control is based on policies defined by our customers, based on assigned roles, user attributes, access times, geolocation and device used.

Propagating identity information

Memority My-Access builds the identity tokens expected by applications to provide contextual information to the connected user: identity attributes, profiles assigned, device used, etc. Memority My-Access translates identity tokens according to the various protocols used: SAML2, WS-Federation, OAuth and OpenID Connect.

Portal for application onboarding

Memority My-Access enables your application managers to self- integrate their applications with Memority , using a Wizard. The Memority organization model can be used to create delegated application integration teams. Application integration can be based on our pre-integrated application catalog.


Memority My-Access offers end-users self-service. They can access a portal of authorized applications, their authentication and access history, password management, and more.


Memority My-Identity offers a comprehensive set of identity and access reports. Reports are graphical and dynamic. Each report can be filtered according to different criteria and run on the perimeter of visibility of the actor concerned. Cross-referencing My-Identity data with My-Access generates additional value.

Memority MY-Access: your benefits


Offer frictionless SSO access to your users, so they can move between applications more quickly and avoid losing their password – and the time it takes to regenerate it!


Apply the right level of authentication and access control to your most sensitive applications.


Give your auditors and compliance team the visibility they need for regulatory certifications, including the detailed information on application accesses.

Industrialization of the onboarding of applications

Make it easy to integrate your applications into Memority with our Wizard and existing application catalog.

Rationalization and cost reduction

Use a single IAM platform for all your identities. The benefits are numerous: capitalize on your expertise, rationalize your architecture, simplify data synchronization, provide 360° visibility of identities accessing your IS and, as a result, reduce your costs!

User experience

Facilitate your users’ access to their applications through a frictionless experience, and give them the autonomy they need to track authentication, access, password management and more.

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