Manage your second authentication factors

Memority MY-Keys lets you manage second-factor authentication, enabling your end users to request it, enroll their devices and benefit from frictionless authentication.



Memority MY-Keys: features

Memority My-Keys can either be driven by data from your authoritative sources (HRIS, partner repository, CRM…) or act as an authoritative repository (for your service providers, for example). In this way, Memority My-Keys can be fed in a multiple (and not exclusive) ways:

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• Flat file
• Direct reading of authoritative sources via Memority connectors
• Authoritative sources driving Memority directly via its APIs
• By using Memority portal, configured to your needs


Second authentication factors

Memority My-Keys lets you assign, reset and revoke second authentication factors. This means your users can enroll their workstations for Windows Hello (PIN and/or biometric authentication), a smart card or Yubikey, an OTP-generating app such as Google or Microsoft Authenticator, a phone number or email address, and so on.

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Memority My-Keys natively supports TOTP OATH, FIDO2, WebAuthN protocols and smart cards with x.509 certificates. If you have already deployed an MFA solution within your organization, Memority can also integrate with any third-party solution featuring user management APIs and supporting an identity federation protocol.


Workflow-based request validation

Memority My-Keys makes it possible to control the use of second authentication factors by allocating them to specific populations via dedicated allocation policies. It also enables requests to be submitted to specific approval processes, based on the Memority workflow engine. In this way, the distribution of second authentication factors is controlled and tracked.

Browser enrolment via My-Keys Premium

Memority My-Keys Premium offers secure browser enrolment, enabling a single PIN to be entered for each authentication and an OTP to be generated locally in the browser and transmitted to the Memority server. Browser enrolment enables deviceless authentication.

Smartphone enrolment via My-Keys Premium

Memority My-Keys Premium provides a mobile authentication application available on the Google and Apple stores. Operated by mobile push, authentication can be carried out by entering a PIN code (identical to that used on enrolled browsers) or by biometric authentication (fingerprint on Android, facial recognition on IoS).


Memority My-Keys enables your helpdesk centers to unblock your users in the event of a lost second authentication factor. The helpdesk can reset or revoke second authentication factors according to different functional scenarios defined in advance. There can be multiple helpdesk centers, depending on the administrative delegation defined in Memority.


Memority My-Keys offers end-users self-service, enabling them to view their second authentication factors, enroll new ones, revoke existing ones, and find out how they are used.


Memority My-Keys offers a comprehensive set of reports on second-factor authentication. The reports are graphical and dynamic. Each report can be filtered according to different criteria and run on the perimeter of visibility of the actor concerned. Cross-referencing data with the use of My-Identity and My-Access offers generates additional value.

Memority MY-Keys: your benefits


With Memority My-Keys, you can offer your users frictionless SSO access. So they can authenticate themselves more easily, without having to call your helpdesk!


You generalize MFA authentication to banish passwords. And you assign the right authentication method to each target population (employees, partners and customers).


By protecting your sensitive accesses with MFA authentication, you demonstrate to your auditors that all your accesses are perfectly secure!).

Rationalization and cost reduction

Use a single IAM platform for all your identities. The benefits are numerous: capitalize on your expertise, rationalize your architecture, simplify data synchronization, provide 360° visibility of identities accessing your IS and, as a result, reduce your costs!

User experience

You facilitate your users’ access to their applications through a frictionless experience. They become autonomous in managing their second authentication factor.

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