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Memority: achieving SecNumCloud SaaS qualification by 2026?

On the road to SecNumCloud level SaaS with the support of “France 2030”

Last June, we repositioned Memority in the market as an independent company with 100% French ownership. A cornerstone of our strategy is to bolster French and European autonomy in terms of digital identity for businesses and public services, aiming to offer a unique market solution: the Identity Factory covering all features of digital identity (IGA, SSO/Federation, MFA, CIAM) for all types of identities (employees, partners, clients, and machines).

This strategic direction has led us to diversify our cloud providers. Until last October, our multi-tenant application-level platform relied solely on AWS. We chose to also deploy it on S3NS, a joint-venture between Google and Thales, which aims to become a trusted cloud in 2025 by achieving SecNumCloud level IaaS/PaaS qualification. We went further by having our platform supervised by a French SOC whose expertise is recognized. Thales now supervises all our Memority platforms (AWS and S3NS).

These initial steps are part of our goal to achieve SecNumCloud qualification at the SaaS level.

With this in mind, we responded to the “SecNumCloud Qualification Support” call for projects, which aims to fulfill the government’s desire, through its “France 2030” plan, to master sovereign and secure digital technologies.

We are thrilled to announce that Memority has been selected for support in obtaining SecNumCloud level SaaS qualification!

Why SecNumCloud SaaS-level qualification?

The ambition to obtain SecNumCloud qualification meets several challenges:

• to comply with the strictest security requirements of the ANSSI, leveraging this unparalleled framework;
• to meet the needs of public services, including local authorities and essential service operators, by offering a competitive SaaS digital identity service in compliance with their requirements;
• to provide a solution that minimizes the impact of extraterritorial laws such as the Cloud Act and FISA;
• to present a unique qualification offer on the French and European markets (yes, we’re already there with our platform 😊);
• to protect Memority’s shareholders by relying on section 3.2 of the SecNumCloud framework, which requires a 60% EU shareholder base, with the remaining ownership potentially outside the EU but without voting rights on the company’s board.

While the SecNumCloud ambition applies only to our environments on S3NS, we aim to maintain the same security level for all our clients and thus extend best security practices across all environments.

A larger ambition

Our ambition is to become the European leader in IDaaS. But we will not stop there. Beyond SecNumCloud, we aim for the EUCS (European Union Cybersecurity Certification Scheme for Cloud Services), which is not yet voted on, hoping that the final version will indeed include the most stringent level, equivalent to SecNumCloud qualification. But that is a debate for another time.

With the goal of achieving qualification in 2026, we now have 2 years to meet the standard’s requirements and initiate the qualification process.

As of today, Memority is already a highly secure platform. Our investments in security are substantial and continuously increasing to meet the security and compliance challenges of the SecNumCloud level SaaS framework.

We are delighted to have been selected and thank all stakeholders of France 2030 for their trust!

🔎 More about the “France 2030” Plan

The France 2030 investment plan, presented by the President of the Republic on October 12, 2021, embodies a dual ambition: to sustainably transform key sectors of our economy – energy, automotive, aerospace, and space – through technological innovation, and to position France as a future world leader. The plan is unprecedented in its scope and is being implemented collectively, designed and deployed in consultation with economic, academic, local, and European stakeholders to define its strategic directions and key actions.

France 2030 is led by the General Secretariat for Investment on behalf of the Prime Minister and implemented by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), the National Research Agency (ANR), Bpifrance and the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (CDC).

For more information about the plan:

Francis Grégoire
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