SecNumCloud Level Saas

Memority: achieving SecNumCloud SaaS qualification by 2026? On the road to SecNumCloud level SaaS with the support of “France 2030” Last June, we repositioned Memority in the market as an independent company with 100% French ownership. A cornerstone of our strategy is to bolster French and European autonomy in terms of digital identity for businesses …

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Digital Identity Management:an accelerator for compliance with NIS2 and DORA? As cyberattacks become increasingly frequent and sophisticated, the NIS2 and DORA regulations represent key steps toward better securing digital infrastructures and the financial sector across Europe. At the heart of this compliance effort, effective digital identity management emerges as a major strategic challenge, serving to …

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The role model: Assignment and Publication

The Memority role model #Episode 2: Assignment & Publication Memority offers a powerful role model to manage either delegated administration rights, application accesses, equipment provisioning or any link between a resource and an identity. This article series will give you keys to understand how we handle this foundational brick of right management. Previously, in Memority …

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Climate change and information security

Is climate change an information security topic? Climate change in ISO 27001 On February 22nd, the ISO (International Standard Organization) published, jointly with the IAF (International Accreditation Forum), a press release on the addition of climate change considerations to management system standards. On the next day, this publication was followed by updates of numerous standards, …

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Modèle de rôle

The Memority role model

The Memority role model: episode 1 Memority offers a powerful role model definition to manage delegated administration into Memority portal but also applications accesses, equipment and any other link between an identity and a resource. This blog series will allow you to understand how we handled this fundamental part of right management. As named, Identity …

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