Les Assises 2023

A successful first participation!

The 2023 edition of Assises came to a close this Friday, October 13 in Monaco. Months of preparation for three days of intense and exceptional meetings!

A very positive report

• We had the pleasure of meeting people from all walks of life, all with fascinating backgrounds and problems to solve: a real challenge for us to meet our customers’ needs as effectively as possible!

Our customer Valeo honored us with a testimonial on its experience and use of our Identity Factory Memority. An expert workshop that captured the attention of 60 listeners, and sparked a lively exchange of views! Many thanks again to Laurent Cossard and Jean Roy for their enlightening testimonials.

• We conducted nearly 100 one-to-one meetings in three days, which confirmed once again that :
-> Identity and access management is now a major strategic issue for companies, generating not only agility and flexibility for employees, but also business for managers!
-> Although the digital transformation of organizations is well underway, it remains a complex and time-consuming process. In this context, Identity Factory’s global approach makes perfect sense for companies, by simplifying the uses and accesses it offers, without ever minimizing the importance of security!

What we retain from this first participation

• Today, identity is at the very heart of the challenges faced by companies of all sizes, both in terms of its impact on the user experience, the security it provides, and its response to business challenges!

• We look forward to seeing you next year, from October 9 to 12, 2024!

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