Memority’s historic founders finalize its acquisition from Accenture

The young company founded and run by Frenchmen Gilles Castéran and Francis Grégoire takes over the reins of the Memority SaaS platform with the ambition of accelerating its growth towards a position as European leader in IDaaS.

Paris, June 5, 2023 – Memority, the SaaS platform specializing in the management of identities, authorizations, authentication and access control to digital services, owned by Accenture, announces that its business has just been acquired by the new company of Frenchmen Gilles Castéran and Francis Grégoire, which will be renamed Memority. With the ambition of positioning Memority as a trusted European leader in IDaaS (Identity as a Service) by developing the Identity Factory approach, this operation will enable the company to access new markets, follow French and European certification and qualification processes, and develop its own network of partners.

“Today, 85% of cyber incidents are related to digital identity. With cybersecurity issues under high pressure, managing access and digital identity is critical for businesses today. Our ambition is to build an autonomous European Identity Factory that meets our customers’ challenges,” comments Gilles Castéran, CEO, Memority. “Our development plan is based on innovation, operational excellence and communication.”

“This operation has been carried out to enable Memority to change dimension by strengthening its strategic autonomy and accelerating its development. By focusing our teams and resources on the development and enhancement of the Memority Identity Factory, the company aims to generate sales of 10 million euros within 2 years, with an annual investment of 3 million euros,”
explains Francis Grégoire, Deputy CEO of Memority.

Francis Grégoire, Deputy CEO et Gilles Casteran, CEO de Memority

The acquired business includes the technical team of 30 experts, the Memority platform, intellectual property and services for existing customers. Over the next 12 months, Memority aims to strengthen its sales, marketing and back office activities. As a result, the company’s workforce is set to double over the next year to around sixty. Innovations already underway include risk modeling and analysis, automation and multi-cloud solutions to democratize and unify the use of digital identity and access management. On the other, Memority plans to accelerate on analytics, Machine Learning and visual representation to position itself in fraud detection.

About the Memority platform 

Memority is an all-in-one platform designed to enable companies to secure and simplify access to their information systems. The company develops and promotes the Memority Identity Factory, which helps streamline user journeys and protect its customers’ services by managing the access and digital identities of their employees, partners, customers and connected objects. The French company already has a large number of major accounts and SMEs using the solution to meet their challenges in protecting and enhancing the experience of their employees, customers and partners. Some customers also manage and protect tens of millions of connected objects.

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