Memority – Independence – Day

A doubly significant day for Team Memority! 

We had the pleasure of celebrating Memority’s independence in person at our offices in Paris La Défense, as part of Memority Day on 1 June. It was a memorable kick-off for strategy, sharing and… celebration! 

Memority Day: strategy and cohesion

Every month, the Memority teams get together for a day of sharing. On the agenda: reunions between the teams, reviews and definition of new objectives, workshops and, of course, moments of conviviality. Everyone can be a source of ideas for subjects to be discussed or workshops to be run. One of the company’s strong values is the desire for every member of the team to play a full part in a shared project and success. So, on 1 June, we pitched! How do we define Memority in a few words, a few sentences, so that we can share the core of our business with ease: the Identity Factory serving our customers’ business challenges. The discussions were rich and the results were equal to the challenge: we’re perfectly ready to present Memority, its many assets and its ambitions for the future! 

They continue the adventure: a solid core 

This rather special day was also an opportunity to thank Memority’s “hard core”, the “transferees” who have followed Francis Grégoire and Gilles Castéran, Memority’s CEOs, in this new adventure of independence. Their cohesion, shared values and expertise provide a very solid foundation for the new company, and ensure continuity in the relationship of trust established with our customers to date. They include fullstack, frontend and backend developers, devops, ops and customer-focused professional services. We would like to thank them all once again for their investment and trust! 

Keep an eye out: great opportunities ahead!

The Memority 2023 project is as ambitious as the resources we’re putting in place to achieve our goals! Over the last few months, the Sales & Marketing, HR, Finance and Security teams have started to come together. What’s next? Over the next 12 months, we plan to recruit around twenty people with backgrounds in sales, marketing, software development, UX design, QA, devops and so on. As you can see, the Memority family is planning to grow! 

And what if it was you? 

If you feel inspired by the Memority adventure, our doors are wide open (and so are our ears!): contact us at

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