Draw me an Identity Factory…

From Saint-Exupéry…

The Little Prince asked Saint-Exupery to draw him a sheep. Struggling to draw sheep that were systematically refused by the Little Prince, Saint-Exupery preferred to draw a box, telling the Little Prince that the sheep he had asked for was inside. The Little Prince replied that the sheep was just as he imagined it… 

… to the Identity Factory 

The same applies to IAM, IDaaS (and probably many other things…). Everyone’s trying to define their needs and find solutions to fill them. In short, we’re told that there isn’t one solution (one sheep) for our needs, but many solutions (so a herd of sheep) depending on your needs (IGA, SSO, MFA, employees, partners, customers, connected objects). 

The Memority Identity Factory 

At Memority, we talk about the Identity Factory, and more specifically the 360° Identity Factory, with the motto “accelerating your business”

The term “Identity Factory” brings to mind the “Digital Factory”, whose objective is to rapidly produce new digital services in agile mode, based on a technology stack and an expert team that listens to the business. The same applies to the Identity Factory: it’s the factory for creating/managing digital identities that need to access your cloud and/or on-premise IS. This means that when you deploy or develop a new application, you no longer need to worry about how to manage user accounts, authenticate them, trace access, recertify rights and so on. All these elements are taken care of by the Identity Factory, whether your application is used by employees, partners, customers or connected objects. 

Memority: the 360° Identity Factory… 

We’ve added the term 360° because, in addition to managing all types of identity, Memority provides all IGA, SSO and MFA services. This gives us a 360° view of identity behavior and the actions carried out on these identities. To achieve this, Memority offers cross-referencing between identity and access, for maximum added value. For example, Memority can provision user accounts on an application, but also inform you a posteriori that certain accounts are never used and should therefore be deprovisioned, enabling you to save on licenses. There are many other advantages of this kind, where the cross-referencing of data generates value. 

.. accelerating your business 

The leitmotiv “accelerate your business” indicates that your teams will be able to focus on the company’s core business, rather than on IAM technologies. The use of Memority as a “accelerator of your business” is illustrated in several ways: 

– Memority is an IDaaS, so it will no longer be necessary to manage a technical architecture, carry out application maintenance and manage security. As Memority covers all identities and IAM services, you’ll only need to be familiar with a single technology stack. This will simplify your life and enable you to concentrate on creating value internally. 

– For off-the-shelf applications, you’ll use Memority’s standard GUIs, connectors and reports. This means you can deploy applications without worrying about how to manage user accounts. 

– For applications you develop yourself, you can delegate authentication, user account storage, rights management with or without workflow, etc. to Memority. All based on open protocols and REST APIs.  

– And for self-developed applications, you can go even further by storing many business information in Memority and orchestrating Memority APIs. Imagine you’re developing a car rental application. You can modelize customers, cars and contracts in Memority, orchestrate business processes from your application by calling Memority APIs, and take advantage of Memority’s analytical engine for reporting. In short: accelerate your business considerably! 

However, just as the Digital Factory is based on a technology stack, Memority, as the Identity Factory, represents the technology stack for your identities. Nonetheless, you’ll need to work (a little) to define the expected functional outcome, the functionalities made available to business and application teams, the way in which you report to security teams, and so on. Like the Digital Factory, you’ll be able to deploy Memority in agile mode. 

In conclusion: let’s get back to our sheep! 

So, what is the relation with the sheep and the Little Prince? It’s very simple: Memority is a box containing an Identity Factory that will meet your IAM / CIAM / IDaaS needs as you have imagined them, whether they are simple or complex, small-scale or worldwide high-volume! 

Francis Grégoire
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