Manage all-ways people identity and access

IAM as-a-service

Your company aims at:

  • Implementing IAM services for your employees, business partners and customers.
  • Finding the right IAM solution wich enables you to manage access to Cloud services and on-premise web applications.
  • Reducing the costs of your legacy IAM solutions.



  • The IAM solutions you’ve thought of do not cover all your use cases.
  • Set-up costs and on-going costs are prohibitive as regards to your IT budget.
  • Rolling-out IAM services requires months of design and build, delays you cannot afford.


Choose Memority!

  • How about getting the best of Identity governance and administration?
  • Cash in the CAPEX you spend legacy IAM solutions.
  • Forget about delays to roll-out IAM in your organization. We know how to do it in less than 3 months.
  • Have some rest since we guarantee a highly secure and scalable service on a global scale. That's our job!


Outbound employee access

You want to manage access for Cloud application for your employees, the same you do it for in-bound access. Your challenges:

  • Align password policies between on-premise and Cloud applications.
  • Controls who is accessing what in real time in the Cloud.
  • Detects any suspicious behavior and adapts authentification mechanisms.
  • Broadcast any identity modification from internal referential to Cloud services, web sites or mobile apps.



  • Your IAM solution does not embed any federation or provisioning connectors.
  • You miss the skill to interconnect your IAM service with Cloud apps, using SAML, OAuth2, OpenID Connect, SCIM standards.
  • Your IAM soolution does not provide you with analytics which helps you to understand what your employees are accessing.


Go for Memority

  • Don't choose between managing access to Cloud and on-premise apps. Choose both!
  • Leverage the identity repositories you already own (AD, LDAP, HR to the Cloud and use them to manage access to the Cloud.
  • Forget about delays to interconnect your IAM with Cloud. We have identity federation and provisioning connectors. Let’s play with them.


Consumer access-as-a-service

You want to connect and engage your customers on websites, social networks, mobile apps. You wonder how:

  • Connect with customers anywhere, any device,  on any social network.
  • Let your customers create and manage their accounts.
  • Reinforce life privacy and strengthen user authentication when needed.
  • Share analytics about customer profile and access with marketing and social analytics tools, emailing tools, etc.



  • The IAM solutions you’ve thought of do not cover all the capabilities you need: Social login, authentication, registration, identity storage, analytics and single sign-on.
  • Set-up costs and on-going costs are prohibitive as regards to your customer acquisition costs.


Choose Memority! Why ? Simply because Memority:

  • Provides all the services needed to connect to your customers: Social login, Self-registration, self-service, forgotten password services.
  • Embeds analytics. Our dashboards show who’s accessing what and our data can be shared with other big data tools.
  • You’ll pay if your customers connect and talk with you on your touchpoints.


How much is Cloud IAM worth for you?


Contact us to get a flash IAM assessment regarding the IAM maturity of your company.

We invite you to spend half a day with us to analyze your business case.


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Get further details?

You want to get further details about Memority: How does it cover all the use cases as far as access management to Cloud, on-premise and mobile applications are concerned? Why IT security is Memority's top priority? To what extent do we reduce OPEX and CAPEX in comparison with IAM legacy solutions? How can we speed up the delivery process within your organization.

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